Sessions session 5014 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)We offer a variety of individual sessions with experienced and professionally trained therapists.

The essence of our work is respect and awareness of the individual. We want to create a space, in which it is possible to relax deeply and to let go.

One individual session lasts one and a half hours and has to be booked personally with the therapist. The office team will assist.

The actual offer:Sessions session 5052 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

  • Soundmassage
  • Integrative bodytherapie
  • Esalen Massage
  • Holistic Bodywork
  • Deep Tissue
  • Energywork
  • Reiki (Sessions and Trainings)
  • Rebalancing
  • Classical Homeopathie (acut & constitutional)