Wanted DSF1621 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

While we have meanwhile an everchanging flow of volunteers who are supporting the work at Argayall, some important positions for people with more responsibility and a longer perspective who choose to make this place their home are still open. We are in the middle of an interesting process of transformation in our project and maybe it is you, who is meant to join?!

Our paradise garden needs support. We are looking for a gardener with knowledge and experience in permaculture who would like to join our garden department in taking care for the vegetable garden, a fruit plantation and the landscape garden with all the garden related areas like composting, irrigation etc… Preferably you would bring a long term-perspective, a vital interest in community life, sustainable living and the willingness to work with a team and to further enhance our permaculture process.

In our technical department there is as well the handy man or woman missing with all around skills in electricity, mechanics, networks, wood work, plumbing etc… to come and work and live with us.
A good team player with leading skills is what we are looking for.

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