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Wanted DSF1621 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

While we have meanwhile an everchanging flow of volunteers who are supporting the work at Argayall, some important positions for people with more responsibility and a longer perspective who choose to make this place their home are still open. We are in the middle of an interesting process of transformation in our project and maybe it is you, who is meant to join?!

Our paradise garden needs support. We are looking for a gardener with knowledge and experience in permaculture who would like to join our garden department in taking care for the vegetable garden, a fruit plantation and the landscape garden with all the garden related areas like composting, irrigation etc… Preferably you would bring a long term-perspective, a vital interest in community life, sustainable living and the willingness to work with a team and to further enhance our permaculture process.

In our technical department there is as well the handy man or woman missing with all around skills in electricity, mechanics, networks, wood work, plumbing etc… to come and work and live with us.
A good team player with leading skills is what we are looking for.

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Yoga Teacher Training 02-2024

Yoga Teacher Training 02-2024 YTT Sonia 7 e1641215814450 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)“And now, let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.” Rainer Maria Rilke

For the third time there will be a month long 200 hours YogaTeacherTraining on Finca Argayall.
Sonja Roessler  has been offering yoga retreats with us since many years every February. Now she follows her dream and will spend the whole month of February 2024 again with an  intimate group of students here and create an exclusive teacher training program.

This intensive is not just a training. The intention is to create a chance to deepen your yoga path. Therefore ist is not only for people who want to become yoga teachers, but also for those who want to take one month to restore their health and find new orientation.

If you need a break from the routine or you are longing for time out to be with yourself in a nourishing community, out in nature, this  200h-LY-Teacher Training might be what you are looking for…
Course language is German!
More info here: www.loveyourself.at

Our program for 2024

Our program for 2024 dance 1 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)is online now!
We are happy to announce that we found our way into a new rhythm of life with guests and groups after the challenging last three years.
People celebrate the more remote situation of our place and accept the still adventurous conditions of arriving here.

Newcomers as well as long term group leaders on the Finca create together an exciting mix of conscious dance, yoga, bodywork, coaching and more in our seminar program already this year and in 2024 we continue this path.

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Finca from above

  …like this we never saw our paradise. The drone with a camera made it possible. When the video filmer Patrick Hintersberger  was with us as a guest, we created this video.  It shows a new perspective of our magical place and talks about what we live and what we share with us our guests since 36 years. And we talk about what is new now. Have a look.

In Community all is possible…

Katja Wolf visited us in February 2022 and made a movie. In her YouTube channel “Peace, Love, Om”  she portraits people who live a different lifestyle since many years. With us she wanted to do something new and present a living community. She interviewed three people: Mamta, one of our elders. Anton, who grew up here and is 24 now. And Livia, who came a few years ago to work in our garden. And it happened that just on the day she was filming the salvage of the sailing boat “Luz” was finally sucessful. A great video portrait and an invitation, to visit us and check out community for yourself. We have space for volunteers, and the Argayall Experience also has still places.