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Finca from above

  …like this we never saw our paradise. The drone with a camera made it possible. When the video filmer Patrick Hintersberger  was with us as a guest, we created this video.  It shows a new perspective of our magical place and talks about what we live and what we share with us our guests since 36 years. And we talk about what is new now. Have a look.

In Community all is possible…

Katja Wolf visited us in February 2022 and made a movie. In her YouTube channel “Peace, Love, Om”  she portraits people who live a different lifestyle since many years. With us she wanted to do something new and present a living community. She interviewed three people: Mamta, one of our elders. Anton, who grew up here and is 24 now. And Livia, who came a few years ago to work in our garden. And it happened that just on the day she was filming the salvage of the sailing boat “Luz” was finally sucessful. A great video portrait and an invitation, to visit us and check out community for yourself. We have space for volunteers, and the Argayall Experience also has still places.

Argayall Experience 2022

The second edition of our new work and study program “Argayall Experience” will happen in August 2022.
Listen to the pioneers of last year! They had an amazing time, transformational experiences and grew together as a group so strong that they are still connected and meet regularly.
The new circle is forming already. And there are still some places left. Request your application form under: experience@argayall.com

Yoga Teacher Training 02-2022

Yoga Teacher Training 02-2022 YTT Sonia 7 e1641215814450 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)“And now, let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.” Rainer Maria Rilke

For the first time there will be a month long 200 hours YogaTeacherTraining on Finca Argayall.
Sonja Roessler  has been offering yoga retreats with us since many years every February. Now she follows her dream and will spend the whole month of February 2022 with an  intimate group of students here and create an exclusive teacher training program.

This intensive is not just a training. The intention is to create a chance to deepen your yoga path. Therefore ist is not only for people who want to become yoga teachers, but also for those who want to take one month to restore their health and find new orientation.

If you need a break from the routine or you are longing for time out to be with yourself in a nourishing community, out in nature, this  200h-LY-Teacher Training might be what you are looking for…
There are still few places left. Course language is German!

One year after the landslide

One year after the landslide all of us who live here in the bay of Argaga ( vecinos de Argaga ) we still do not have a regular access to our homes and businesses.One year after the landslide BANNER Finca Argayall (La Gomera) From the politicians and the administrations we have got nothing but nice words and lot’s of promises. Even though according to the law the government is obliged to provide us access, they do not seem able or willing to do so. On the contrary: at the end of the road near the beach of Vueltas they locked us in, building a wall and putting up fences with chains and locks.

Particularly for emergency and rescue transports we need the road. And it should be made more safe for this. The mountain has to be stabilized , but they do not even want to talk about that. We already had two emergency incidents and after calling 112, they did not send any help.

Therefore in a slow and tremendous and constant effort there was a path created over the pile of rocks, so that people could be transported out in case the waves are too high and don’t allow sea access.

This will be the case in the winter which is coming. Which means also the people living here will not be able to get in or out of the bay of Argaga.

After one year they were not able to provide us with an alternative access to our homes.

We need this acces now. This is what this banner is shouting out to all the responsable people and the world.

We have handed in a petition to both the majors of Valle Gran Rey and Vallehermoso and the island president, Casimiro Curbelo, signed by all of the owners here.

We made a statement for the TV Canarias and sent out a press release.

On November 15th, 2021 they brought this in the evening news:

Goodbye Stella

Goodbye Stella Stella Finca Argayall (La Gomera) On August 28th, 2021 we said goodbye to Stella. For 13 years she held the space as Finca dog in her beautiful and unique way. It was time for her spirit to move on. Thank you, Stella. We will miss you and wish you a smooth journey.

Nine months and no progress

Nine months and no progress shopping in waves 08.21 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)Nine months after the landslide we still have no official solution for a connection between the harbor of Vueltas and the Argaga beach.
Time enough for a human being to be born. And we are still waiting for realistic steps to be done…..

We keep operating our private small ocean shuttle to bring in all the people who support us. And all our supplies.

It still is an adventure and very demanding for all.

Many friends and guests find their way and help us. We are grateful and want to let you know: We will keep going !
We will keep this project alive and start something new. For and with you.

EU Covid Subvention

EU Covid Subvention subvention pic for website Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

We say thank you for the subvention we received within the  European program to support from the Corona crisis most effected businesses.

Six months later…

Six months later... shopping May 3 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)…our shopping still looks like this! From all the promised solutions there is nothing visible till now. We practice patience. And we consider a new strategy.
Because we need some kind of pier and boat till the winter. In summer it is easy to bring our supplies and poeple over the ocean.
Right now we do not even pack the goodies.
The ocean is so quiet and our “ocean21” team is so experienced.Six months later... shopping May 1 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)







The good news: the Canary Islands are no longer on the list of the risk zones
and the state of alarm is finished. A vacation in our remote oasis has become much more attractive. Have a look into our seminar program: we want to dance with you through this summer!

Argayall Experience…teaser video is here!

We are full of hope and in the spring mood of renewal and re-creation. So we rescheduled and restructured our  work & study educational program Argayall Experience and opened it not just for young adults but as well for those who feel young at heart.
From August 7th till September 4th, 2021 we invite a group of 12-20 people into a transfomative journey.

If you are curious about what it means to live in community, to grow your own food in a permaculture garden, to cook healthy and tasty vegetarian meals, to meditate, to dance, to connect with nature and with each other and investigate and investigate what really matters and what is your purpose in life, then inform yourself about “Argayall Experience”.

Soon there will be more on our Facebook page and on Instagram. For your application send us an email experience@argayall.com

solutions on the horizon

solutions on the horizon solutions web Finca Argayall (La Gomera) We have good news: the government of La Gomera got a budget of Euro 300 000 and decided to invest it into a boat transfer between the harbor of Vueltas and the beach of our Argaga bay. It will be a transport boat from a company in Tenerife, which will just need a ramp to be able to land and bring goods and people. When exactly this will start to operate is still unclear.

After over four months of being on our own and improvising our “ocean shuttle”with dinghis and a small boat on a cable pull, we are carefully optimistic. And we continue to work on our own solutions.

Here you see a model of the latest idea of  John: A cable pull system to unload the shopping more safely, so that our young Joshua does not have to fight with the waves anymore.

Three months later…

… we are still living behind this pile of stones, cut off from the rest of the world.
Our only access road is closed even further: Since middle of January there is a construction site at the harbor beach. They are building a stone wall with a fence which is supposed to protect the beach from stone falls. Fact is, the barriers and construction fences prohibit to walk the road to the Finca.

Our transports and shopping we organize still with small boats, which we have to pull through the waves onto our stone beach. This got more and more adventerous and dangerous.


If we would not have our young generation staying with us, we would be so lost. What is different meanwhile: the winter arrived. And this means not so much low temperatures on la Gomera, but a stormy sea. In the last weeks the waves have been often so high and powerful that we could not leave the Finca or bring our shopping in.

This will last for a while. We are hoping for the spring to come and the waves to calm down.

Three months later... dream catcher webready Finca Argayall (La Gomera)Another silver lining: We finally are in touch with the authorities. Beginning of February we were invited to a first meeting with the mayors and the president of the island, where ideas for solutions were discussed.

Two short-term solutions were offered: The installation of a floating platform with a mobile landing stage or renting a special boat (including crew) that just needs the construction of a ramp to land on our beach. Both solutions are rather costly and it is still unclear who will finance them. The long-term solution, which island president Curbelo is in favor of, is the construction of a tunnel, 700 meter long through the mountain. This for sure will take  time!

Meanwhile we keep fighting with the winter ocean and the extremly high waves. Almost impossible at times. What we would need is help that arrives now. We asked for a combination of both short-term solutions. First the boat which is available in Teneriffe and could be here and operating soon. And then the construction of that floating pier, “embarcadero” how they call it here. This would help us during summer.
We are waiting for the next meeting, that was supposed to happen soon.

But we stay positive and trust and dare to dream: About the time when we will be again sharing our beautiful oasis of light and its healing energies with our guests. Arriving with a boat and choosing to stay for a time of rest and retreat, away from the noise and business of the world, this will then be another thing which makes the Finca a special place.