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We want to support sustainable tourism. Therefore we have created various ways  for people to come and join life at Finca Argayall.

Staying on Finca Argayall

You can visit us like always as individual guest or participant of one of our groups. If you choose to stay for a longer period of time we offer rebates (15% from three weeks on and 20% from six weeks on). This can be interesting if you want to take a time out for healing and recharging or if you managed to work remotely as a digital nomad. You can also reduce your costs through helping in one of our departments. Then you apply for one our work exchange guest places. (From three weeks on you can work 12 hours per week and from six weeks on it can be 20 hours.If you want to join our crew and share the same amount of working time (30 hours for food and loging) you can apply to be part of our new volunteer program. Send your application to


All our guests live in uniquely designed rooms with private baths and ocean views and rooms or huts with common baths, facing the garden. For all accommodations and prices and the different offers for long-term stays please contact our office under or fill the contact form online.

Vegetarian MealsVacations 2 3 vegetarian Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

One of the highlights of Argayall is the food we serve.
Bookings are strictly inclusive of our three vegetarian meals, served buffet style, which you can enjoy at our ocean view terraces, next to the pool or under the shade of our huge rubber tree.
A variety of tropical fruits, vegetables and salads and herbs are grown in our permaculture garden and are served on our buffet, according to each season.


The Finca is a place of power which enhances and supports healing on all levels.
Therefore you chose the perfect place to combine your vacation or time out with healing techniques for your body, heart and soul.

Vacations shavasana Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

We offer a variety of daily meditations and yoga and conscious dance as well as individual sessions and treatments.

We invite you to come and join us here at Argayall!