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Work with us 5 1 work with us Finca Argayall (La Gomera)Since we are living close together and are sharing Argayall with our paying guests, living and working in our community requires: an openness towards people, some flexibility, self-responsibility and a good portion of humor. As our needs change, sometimes we are looking for people with special skills in certain areas (i.e. construction, technical, cooking and gardening).

Crew members work 33 hrs/week in one of our main departments and participate in department and community meetings.

Community lifeWork with us DSF2981 web Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

Experience in meditation is welcome to support us in leading our weekly meditations.

Crew members receive room and board and pocket money after one month, and the opportunity to experience community life at Finca Argayall, which includes meditations, celebrations and personal growth.



Work with us gardenboys 1800x1200 1 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

Right now we are looking for a technician with all-round skills  and especially knowledge in electricity to work in our technical department.  Your willingness to learn and your ability to work in a team are essential. Previous experience as a team leader is highly appreciated.We would like to invite a person with a long term perspective for community life and interest in meditations and personal growth.

We would like to invite a person who is trained and has some experience in marketing and PR management. We are in a phase of re-inventing our procet as holistic retreat center and re-open with a new look and reach out to old and new target groups. The person should  be familiar with creating business plans and handling social media. Interest in sustainable living, community culture and personal growth are key, as we have a lot of experience in these fields to give in exchange. The perspective can be three to six months.

We are looking for a receptionist** to work in our guest department. You bring experience in tourism, good communication skills and computer knowledge and speak German, English and preferably also Spanish. We would like to invite someone with long term perspective for community life and interest in meditation and personal growth.

We are looking for a committed, mature Cook** with professional experience in vegetarian cooking for around 50-60 people. Someone who enjoys kitchen work in a team (include cleaning) with long term perspective for community life and interest in meditation and personal growth.

Once in a while for a limited period of time (at least three months) we are looking for:

  • Kitchen helpers **
  • Laundry and room cleaning helpers**

English speaking is required for all positions.


If you are interested in joining our community, please send an application (in English with picture) to our crew manager Dani: