The Hero’s Dance

29. 09. – 06. 10. 2023

“The Hero’s Dance”
with Grace & Anton

The Hero's Dance Anton prio b Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

We call you onto an adventure! Are you ready to leave the circle of the known behind and embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment?

Then join us in this secluded bay on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. In a paradise garden, held between vulcanic mountains and the rhythm of the waves, we reconnect with the powers of nature and dive deep into our inner world.

We use the tools of Movement Medicine, combined with elements of Gestalt therapy and invite you to meet your inner hero. Capable of facing the demons of resistance the hero leads us in this dancing exploration.

What we are looking for is a deeper awareness of who we are and an integration of light and dark. So we can come back empowered, with a new sense of self and purpose, able to bring more joy and creativity to the dance of our life.

Course language is English, German translation possible.
Early-resistance bird price available until 29.06.2023.

Grace Greuner-Yona

is a fully graduated professional Movement Medicine teacher. Her passion for dance and her trust in the the power of reconnecting with the elements inspires. She loves to create ceremonial space and to invite the sacred back into our life. With her wisdom and with her fire she knows how to make dance a real journey of personal transformation.


Anton Greuner

is a conscious dance facilitator. He has a Bachelor in Psychology, is educated in Integrative Body oriented Psychotherapy (IKPT) and started training in Gestalt therapy. His capacity to explore and share his emotions supports people to open up. From his own experience of journeying deep he provides a safe space for healing.