Argayall Experience

From August 5th till  September 2nd, 2023 we invite young adults (including some who are young at heart) into a month-long transformational journey of self exploration, community experience and co-creation.

If you are curious about what it means to live in community, to grow your own food in a permaculture garden, to cook healthy and tasty vegetarian meals, to meditate, to dance, to connect with nature and with each other and investigate what really matters and what is your purpose in life, then you might want to come and join “Argayall Experience”.

For this month we invite a group of  12-20 people to live and work with us at Argayall and embark together on a transformational journey. The idea is to learn while working, have three intensive workshops and to create an own group circle, working out some basics of community together.



Argayall Experience 20210809 IMG 20210809 100504 scaled e1640871821267 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)Work

Everybody of the work study group will work  16hrs per week at the same time, so the scheduled meetings can be attended by all. The departments you work in will be garden, kitchen, technical or laundry, depending on your interest and skills and our needs.

If you learn in the garden about the basic principals of permaculture or get initiated into the secret of  our tasty vegetarian cooking in the Finca kitchen, if you get to know how to produce and work with renewable energy and biodegradable cleaning products, all what we do here will enrich your own life.


The four weeks will be divided in three parts of eight days.  In each part your learning and process will be guided by one experienced group leader from our team here at Argayall.



Argayall Experience circle medihall 2 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

Grace is a professional Movement Medicine teacher and will start with with a Movement Medicine journey of connection and relation. We invite the elements as our allies and explore all our relations: With our Self (Earth), the Other (Fire), with Community (Water), Spirit (Air) and Source (Ether). There will be an opening Movement Medicine Ceremony on Sunday. During the working days in the week there is time to prepare and find connections.The three days in the weekend we will move intensely with these roots of the Movement Medicine Mandala. We intent to hold a sweat logde to complete the first part.

The second part will be led by Tameer. As a trained Osho Therapist he will focus his work with the group on energy work, breathwork and emotional release. Breathing into Life is an exploration through Breath Awareness, Movement and Meditation to awaken your life source, to connect with your inner most self, with your body, your feelings and expression. An invitation to experience yourself in all your dimensions of being while staying present and open to accept them creating more celebration and joy into every day life.
The aim is to learn how to hold space for each other.


Argayall Experience 20210815 IMG 6318 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)In the third part, led by Dani, founder and trainer of holistic bodywork, the group will learn about the art of transformative touch.
It is a way of being an explorer of ancient and forgotten qualities in us that may shine the way to our well-being and personal growth.
The main focus of this training is the essence of touch, and this essence is love.
Our regular meditation and yoga program will be there to support. It is open for all (guests, crew and work-study group).

If you see yourself being part of this circle, please send us an email for the application form:

This year two young assistants, Leo und Anton, who have been part of the pilot experience in 2021, will support us  during the month as well as in the preparation time. They are there for your questions and will organize some information meetings.

If you want to get to know them, listen to their podacast “to be shared”.

The registration will close July 8th. We still have a few places left. Apply now and you can be in.