Roots and Moods

A movement medicine journey with Grace
workshop October 12th till 19th, 2019

“Movement is medicine and I trust that if you put your psyche in motion it will heal itself.”
Gabrielle Roth

Find your connection to the earth. Root yourself. Follow your feet.
Express your fire.
Dive into the ocean of your emotions.
Dance until your feet grow wings and your soul feels free to fly.
In the six days of this workshop we will make the dance floor our sanctuary. As a group we will create a sacred space and invite, step by step, the elements in to support us in this healing journey. On Finca Argayall the power of the elements is strongly present and easy to access.

Next to movement and dancing our work will include time in nature and  rituals to establish a connection to Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

We want to awaken and feel these forces inside ourselves and learn how to move with them as allies in the dance of our life.

In this years edition of this workshop we will expand our exploration into the roots of the movement medicine mandala. We will dance with all our relations: Earth will support us in relating to Self. Fire will strengthen us in our relationship with Other. Water can teach us how to relate with Community. Air opens our capacity to relate to Spirit and Ancestors. And as we create that strong medicine wheel around us and stand aligned in the center of our own circle we surrender to the mystery of the Source of life.
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Suzanne Grace Greuner-Yona

has a master in literature, worked as a journalist and became a classical homeopath. Then life guided her form the world of words and intellect to the world of silence, touch and dance. In the last 20 years, since she embarked on her own healing journey, she studied with many teachers and healers.
Her own life practices infuse her work. As there are  shamanic journeys, conscious dance, movement medicine, vipassana meditation, holistic bodywork and process work.

She is now a Movement Medicine Teacher in training.

Grace is mother of a 21 year old boy. Since he is born, she lives, works and dances at Finca Argayall.