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The Finca is an ideal place for holding or attending a workshop, seminar or retreat.

Our meditation hall and seminar room is a 80sqm hexagonal hall with wooden floor, surrounded by a tropical garden.

The Finca’s seclusion, magical setting in nature, and dedicated community support all types of group and individual work and personal growth.

For information about offering a group at Finca Argayall, please contact

Our program for 2019:


12. 01. – 19. 01. 2019

“Mindful with yourself”
Coaching Intensive with Volker Teppgroupleader-tepp-2015

An intense process of reflecting and rediscovering of our five senses, time to rest and meditate and an individual coaching about how to define and reach good goals for our life.
We use elements of radical constructiveness and the systemic approach of NLP.
Course language is German.

Volker Tepp

19. 01. – 26. 01. 2019

“Mindful with yourself”
Coaching Intensive with Volker Tepp

An intense process of reflecting and rediscovering of our five senses, time to rest and meditate and an individual coaching about how to define and reach good goals for our life. In this week methods of trans action analysis and Gestalt therapy are used.
Course language is German.

Volker Tepp


26. 01. – 02. 02. 2019

The perfect winter yoga holiday
with Kate McKenzie

A wonderful opportunity to take some luxurious time for yourself, to restore and nourish mind, body and soul and prepare for the year ahead in the truly healing environment of La Finca. The morning class will gently open the body and attune the mind to the breath, the class will slowly move and build into a flowing and dynamic sequence, always incorporating the cultivation of awareness, physical alignment, breath and the chakras (energy centers). The afternoon sessions will take us deeper into the chakra system as a means of recognizing our gifts and shadows. This awareness will support our Sankalpa – the setting of an intention for the year ahead. Through powerful kundalini kriyas, chanting, meditation and guided rest, we will hear the true messages of our hearts, light up our intuition, and ignite the fire in our bellies, ready for action.
Course language is English.

Kate McKenzie



02. 02. – 09. 02. 2019

The perfect winter holiday
with Kate McKenzie

A wonderful opportunity to take some luxurious time for yourself, to restore and nourish mind, body and soul and prepare for the year ahead in the truly healing environment of La Finca. The morning class will gently open the body and attune the mind to the breath, the class will slowly move and build into a flowing and dynamic sequence, always incorporating the cultivation of awareness, physical alignment, breath and the chakras (energy centers). The afternoon sessions will be a playful and creative exploration of the healing power of sound. Drawing from a variety of traditions to connect breath, body and voice. We’ll chant mantras in order to open the heart, cleanse the mind and create inner and outer harmony. As an experienced singer, performer, yoga teacher and sound healer, Kate brings a sense of joy, freedom and sacredness to these sessions. No one has to “perform” – it’s simply an opportunity to meditate, heal and wake-up your avenue of expression in your own unique way. Enjoy the special high that’s possible when we come together as a group to make one ‘voice’ with specific healing intention.
Course language is English.

Kate McKenzie


09. 02. – 16. 02. 2019

5-Element Yoga with Samura

samu_mod_website_free_02-copy_0A Yoga holiday surrounded by nature and the endless Atlantic Ocean. Two Yoga lessons a day provide an inspiring space to get to know and deepen the 5-Element-Form in a playful way. The “Form” is a powerful transformative practice that realigns you with the rhythms of nature. It connects you with yourself and the Five Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Akasha (Space). The “Form” is a sequence of flowing movements similar to Tai Chi and Qi Gong. It is a soft and deep Vinyasa Yoga practice originated in the Himalayas.  Samura also integrates breath, visualization, healing colours and sounds to weave together these rich and powerful traditions. The Yoga Holiday is suitable for all levels and directions of Yoga. Samura is a certified Anahata Yoga teacher. Since three years she instructs classes on Argayall and in Valle Gran Rey and her enthusiasm for the 5-Element Form is contagious and for many very touching.
Course language is German, English translation is an option.



16. 02. – 23. 02. 2019

Shakti-Trance Retreat
“A journey through the seven temples of our soul”
with Sonja Rössler

In the Yoga flows, meditations, through sounds and movement and trance journeys we focus every day on one of the seven main chakras. We will find more clarity and transparency in all aspects of our nature and want to meet the creator in us.
Course language is German.

Sonja Roessler


16. 03. – 23. 03. 2019

“Wise at Heart”
A  healing dance journey through the 4 dimensions of love
with Grace

Dancing we are going to explore the 4 chambers of the heart. And find: Love.
We move from the unconditional love of the mother and self love to the passionate, the romantic love.
We remember and dive into the archaic ocean of emotional love.
And cleansed we lift ourselves up into the realm of the soul, expand and embrace spiritual love.
In the center of our heart, still and witnessing all, lives the wise one.
This journey is designed for all who have danced the “roots and moods” already as well as for all who have experience with any of the conscious dance practices. More…
Course language is English.

Grace Greuner Yona


23. 03. – 30. 03. 2019


“Ashtanga – The Noble Eightfold Path”
with Sandra Bohnenpoll

During your stay, Sandra gives you a hands-on insight into the philosophy of yoga.

  1. Yamas: Handling the environment
  2. Niyamas: Handling yourself
  3. Asana: Handling your body
  4. Pranayama: Handling your breath
  5. Pratyahara: Handling your senses
  6. Dharana: Concentration
  7. Dhyana: Mediation
  8. Samadhi: The greatest aim: Inner Freedom

Two units of yoga a day provide you with an opportunity to deal with these subjects. In between you find enough time to relax and unwind as day trips, a boat trip to the deep blue sea and a hike through the island’s enchanting rain forest are planned. Additionally, private yoga lessons are possible upon request. Individually suited yoga exercises can offer you a great opportunity to deepen the integration of yoga in your daily life well beyond this holiday.

Sandra Bohnenpoll


30. 03. – 06. 04. 2019

“Become who you truly are”
Holiday and self-awareness with Gotthard EcklGotthard Eckl

Taking time for the essential, diving into your limitless inner vastness, simply being, getting to know your inner richness!

Course language is German.

Gotthard Eckl



06. 04. – 13. 04. 2019

Craniosacrale Balance
with Shanti Ruhbaum and Dörthe Vollbehrshanti-ruhbaum-small-portrait

This advanced training is open for all therapists who are certified in CranioSacralTherapy.
In the morning there will be two treatments to expand and deepen the biodynamic abilities. In the afternoon there is plenty of time for swimming, hiking, reading, chatting and meditating.
Course language is German.

Shanti Ruhbaum


13. 04. – 27. 04. 2019

Easter-Holidays – No groups/seminars

Time and space for guests and friends.


27. 04. – 04. 05. 2019

Women’s Re:treat
with Annki Warberg-Landahl

Welcome to a sparkling women’s week were you will explore, cultivate and expand your female gorgeousness. We will do uplifting Kundalini Yoga, transforming and healing meditations, flow in dance, sing our heart out and share our experiences with each other in a warm and safe sisterly atmosphere. We will explore the great Mother Nature by walking in the mountains, sit by the fire and do sacred ceremonies at holy power sites. We’ll rest by the endless ocean and let our bodies be sun kissed.

Annki Warberg-Landahl is a well experienced kundalini yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer. For 17 years she has been guiding men and women in yoga, meditation, personal development and empowerment. With a big and open heart she holds space for women to grow and expand into their greatness.

Course language is English.

Annki Warberg-Landahl
Contact & Organisation:



04. 05. – 11. 05. 2019

Seminar week available



11. 05. – 25. 05. 2019

ALIVE Music Movement Meditation
Festival & Retreat

More Information to the ALIVE Festival Argayall from the 13.05.-18.05.2019.


25. 05. – 01. 06. 2019

Tantra & Holiday – sensual joy of livingBild_Team
This week will inspire you for life

This seminar will be a powerful combination of self-awareness and group holiday. Through laughter yoga, energetic meditations, tantric rituals and body exercises, sensual encounters and highest awareness, the aim is to be touched from inside and outside. On a new, deep level of consciousness we will look inside, let visions emerge and entrench new insights for daily life. Common group activities will complete this special week. And of course, fun will be part of all! This seminar is meant for singles as well as for couples. We welcome experienced people as well as Tantra newcomers.

Seminar Language is German, partial English translation is possible.

Ralf Lieder, Felice Pospiech, Angela Mecking



 01. 06. – 08. 06. 2019

Alignment Based Vinyasa Flow Yoga
with Brigitte Rooney

Brigitte’s teaching style is distinctive and unique. She encourages a fluid, expressive, flowing, Vinyasa practice, but with a strong emphasis placed on postural alignment to therapeutically encourage healing for the inner and outer body.
Her teaching combines empowerment, compassion and humility, with a sense of light hearted fun and playfulness. Her intention is quite simply to share her love and passion of yoga and to create positive, soulful experiences for her students so that they see transformation both on their mats and in their lives.
Brigitte’s teaching embodies all things yoga and includes Alignment Technique, Restful Restorative Yoga, Healing Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayama, Mudras, Chanting, Relaxation, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.

This yoga week is not suitable for beginners!
Course language is English.

Brigitte Rooney


08. 06. – 15. 06. 2019

The perfect spring yoga holiday
with Jess Horn

A wonderful opportunity to take some luxurious time for yourself, to restore and nourish mind, body and soul in the truly healing environment of La Finca. Jess will offer two sessions each day. The morning practice will gently open the body and attune the mind to the breath, slowly moving and building into a flowing and dynamic sequence. There will be time set aside in the day to explore and take in the stunning beauty of the surroundings, relax by the pool or dip into the sea just a few steps away. The group will meet again in the late afternoon for a more gentle and restorative class. Course language is English.

Jess Horn


15. 06. – 27. 06. 2019

Master Lomi Practitioner I
groupleader-12_10_1_1with Suramya Margarete Kappl
Advanced Level

The work with ourselves including all the different techniques of the Kahunas of the old Hawai’i enables us to let go deeply on all levels of our being.
From this source we take our inspiration for the bodywork.
“flow is how the universe communicates with us” (Kahu Abraham von Kawai’i).
Course language is German, English translation is an option.
Suramya Margarete Kappl



29. 06. – 06. 07. 2019

Seminar week available



06. 07. – 13. 07. 2019

“A Magical Journey”
a 5Rhythms® workshop
with Pauline van Hezik and Rian van Duijnhoven

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware” (Martin Buber)

You will experience a magical journey during your stay at Argayall. We will dance and rest, listen and dream. Eight days and seven nights surrounded by sea, sun, sand and Sahara wind. Birds calling in the night. The important will show itself, the easy will dance. Everything communicates, nothing is what it looks like. Simplicity in abundance. It will be magical!

Pauline van Hezik and Rian van Duijnhoven are both certified 5Rhythms® teachers and are looking forward to meet you on the dance floor, enjoying and journeying together. Course language is Dutch.
Rian van Duijnhoven Contact:
Pauline van Hezik Contact:;


13. 07. – 20. 07. 2019

The magic of touch – a Biodanza week
with Gabriele Freyhoff

Contact is a basic need of the human being, even bigger than the need of food. Contact and being touched have effects up to the unconsciousness. By touch we feel our body shape and we develop our self-image. We also improve our self-esteem, then by touch we feel cherished and loved. The issue contact is directly associated to skin. Our skin, which embraces us like a huge coat, is an organ, which receives tactile and censorial impressions and which responds to each contact with certain sensations. Receptors of the skin respond to heat, frostiness, touch, itching, tickle, to different forms of pain and vibrations. The skin is the biggest organ of our body and holds about 15-20% of our body weight. The average person possesses about 1,7 sq. m. skin, in which there are around 5 millions tiny nerve ends, which transmit the sensations. The skin has also an important function for the immune system.
In Biodanza we will have contact full of sensibility. So they become caresses. These caresses can really nourish us. We will dance and savor everything in this week.

Gabriele Freyhoff


20. 07. – 27. 07. 2019

5Rhythms® workshop – Connections
with Joanna Hussakowska

Connected with breath, connected in body and heart, connected with movement and rhythm, connected with earth, fire, water and air, connected with fear, sadness, anger and joy, connected with ourselves and everything around us. Connected.

Having for our guide the practice of 5Rhytms® with its transforming power, discovering, researching, expressing, relating, but most of all with compassion, we are going to connect with here and now in Finca Argayall „Place of Light”.


Joanna Hussakowska (Cracow, Poland) Graduated from Lodz Film School in 1985 and has twenty years’ experience as an actress in theatre, film, and television. Fascinated by 5Rhtythms, she completed her training at Waves level six years ago and Heartbeat level two years ago.




27. 07. – 03. 08. 2019

Yoga with Susannah Hoffmann

This beautiful venue, surrounded by all of nature allows for the perfect opportunity to bring aspects of yoga often forgotten into play, so that you can discover a deeper awareness within and re-connect with nature. We will explore the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the associated Chakras and how they relate to the postures. Be prepared to play and explore and most of all to laugh.
Susannah has been practicing yoga since childhood and teaching for over 20 years. Her teaching style is intuitive and creative.
Susannah’s classes have a meditative quality and work on the principles of ‘Sthira and Sukham’ – (form and experience, strength and softness). So although her classes can be quite demanding they are also deeply relaxing. Susannah has an innate understanding of the body which enhances her ability to teach yoga. In addition she has studied holistic massage and herbalism, Reiki and crystal healing – and therefore has a very broad and balanced view of the body. She teaches the triyoga teacher training program as well as her own accredited ‘teaching yoga to children’ and on going courses. Susannah is a BWY (t) and a SYT YA UK teacher.
She is also an experienced Doula (birth partner) and trained with the famous Obstetrician and Birth pioneer Michel Odent.
Course language is English.

Susannah Hoffmann


03. 08. – 10. 08. 2019

Seminar week available



10. 08. – 17. 08. 2019

Seminar week available



17. 08. – 24. 08. 2019

Seminar week available



24. 08. – 31. 08. 2019

5Rhythms® – Dance out of the Trauma
with Romana Tripolt

Info and Registration see Contact below.

Romana Tripolt (Vienna, Austria) Certified by Gabrielle Roth as 5Rhythms Teacher on Waves level. Member of 5RTA and ICMTA. Experienced psychologist and psychotherapist, EMDR Europe trainer, developer of the Integrative Movement Trauma therapy, leads and guides deep transformational processes that open up the lightness of being.




31. 08. – 07. 09. 2019

with Padma Tewes

You are invited to release old boundaries and to relive visionary moments in ecstasy. In one of the ancient healing-rituals of human race you will be touched deeply and be able to enter a new space of experience. You will feel an intensive liveliness in yourself and discover your pure power. We dance with blindfold. Following the music and letting your body lead you, you will reach spheres to which your mind has no entrance. In this manner you can find your own movement and rhythm and feel free to let your emotions flow in a protected space. The dance rituals will be combined with meditative processes and group sharing to integrate your experiences.

Padma Tewes (Dipl. Psych.) developed a connection between verbal and body-healingwork (W. Reich) on the base of the awareness that our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perceptions are all different manifestations of the one energy of life.



07. 09. – 20. 09. 2019

Master Lomi Practitioner Igroupleader-12_10_1_1
with Suramya Margarete Kappl
Advanced Level

The work with ourselves including all the different techniques of the Kahunas of the old Hawai’i enables us to let go deeply on all levels of our being.
From this source we take our inspiration for the bodywork.
“flow is how the universe communicates with us” (Kahu Abraham von Kawai’i).
Course language is German, English translation is an option.

Suramya Margarete Kappl


20. 09. – 28. 09. 2019

Seminar week available



28. 09. – 05. 10. 2019

Power Yoga
with Caroline WickhamCaroline

An eclectic mix of PowerYoga, Yogic Arts, Budokon and Forrest-inspired Yoga. Challenging, creative, exciting and with an emphasis on fun, Caroline’s classes are dynamic and ever changing. A qualified BWY teacher at senior level, Caroline is based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands.
During your retreat, you can be sure of experiencing a broad range of yoga styles that will enable you to develop, fulfill and strengthen your own practice. Focused on meditation, pranayama and healing, Caroline’s classes incorporate carefully sequenced asana practices as well as plenty of time for Yin Yoga and relaxation. The morning yoga session will consist of sun salutations and Vinyasa flow to heat the body and then specific work on postures. Each yoga class taught by Caroline will follow a theme or have a specific intention so that our work on the mat relates back to yoga principles and into life off the mat.
The afternoon yoga session will complement the morning session so that we maintain a balance of Yin and Yang, dynamic and yielding, energizing and healing. There will be plenty of opportunity for yoga nidra, healing mantra and hands-on massage work.
It is Caroline’s intention to work with everyone’s requirements in mind. Her style of teaching welcomes all levels from experienced teachers to complete beginners – all will be nurtured and at the same time challenged!
That is the essence of Yoga!

Caroline Wickham



05. 10. – 12. 10. 2019

Seminar week available



12. 10. – 19. 10. 2019

Roots and Moods
A healing dance journey
with Grace

Find your connection to the earth. Root yourself. Follow your feet. Express your fire. Dive into the ocean of your emotions. Dance until your feet grow wings and your soul feels free to fly.
Through movement, dance and rituals we connect with the four elements and discover a way back to our intuitive intelligence and the wisdom of our soul. More…
Course language is English.

Grace Greuner Yona


19. 10. – 26. 10. 2019

Medicine Dance & Hatha Yoga Retreat – Exploring the Elements
with Daniel Ekholm Andersson & Jonathan Prichard

Jonathan PritchardA yoga & movement retreat based upon exploring and moving with the five elements together with holistic healing teachings of a native American medicine wheel. Medicine Dance is a dance-movement-experience that moves us thoroughly and intuitively on a journey through the five elements, the inner experience of the dance and aspects of ourselves. The Hatha Yoga is a way of strengthening and deepening our connection to our inner peace. It cleans us and serenes us, massages us and embraces us, shakes us and awakes us – into more and more beauty. The Medicine Dance and the Hatha Yoga will be a beautiful way to support our need for healing and rejuvenation. No previous experience needed. daniel-retreat-mod

All Daniel’s trainings have a holistic approach to life and Daniel’s background consists of 16 years training in native American medicine, is a professional life coach, is a black belt in martial arts and has 14 years of 5rhythms practice and more.
Jonathan has taught Yoga too thousands of people over the last 17 years and has practiced yoga for 30 years. He has a down to earth approach to yoga and meditation which makes it accessible to everyone from beginners to advanced students.
Course language is English.

Daniel Ekholm Andersson
Jonathan Prichard



26. 10. – 02. 11. 2019

“Systemic Constellations”
with Timo Schlage

timo-in-farbeTimo is a coach, International Management Trainer and a Systemic Constellation Work coach.
He invites you to join him on a special retreat during which you will develop and connect with your unconscious goals and visions. What is blocking you from finally achieving your goals? What does it take to reach the decision that will help you clear your mind? When do you finally solve the conflict that is stressful for you? How do you want to gain freedom in the new situation in your life?
Systemic constellations also make unconscious blockades and beliefs visible. These elements or people that are relevant for your situation will be represented by other group members. Patterns are made visible and we can start working with them. Timo is trained in many different coaching and mental training techniques. As an expert for unconscious processes, he can help you to achieve your goals.
Timo Schlage is approved by several international coaching associations as a senior coach, master coach and Facilitator for Constellations. He trains other coaches and offers supervision for his colleagues.
Retreat can be done bilingual. In Germany this retreat is officially recognized as educational holiday.
Course language is German.

Video with Participant comments (German)

Timo Schlage



02. 11. – 09. 11. 2019

The perfect winter yoga holiday
Organizer YogaOnAShoestring

Teacher will be announced soon.
Course language is English.



09. 11. – 16. 11. 2019

Yoga holidays
with Daniela Lüthidaniela-hawaii-fuschia-3_1

Daniela Lüthi is teaching in this week traditional Hatha-Yoga inspired by Anusara Yoga.
All Levels are heartily welcome!
Course language is German.

Daniela Lüthi


16. 11. – 23. 11. 2019

Paarweise – the art of conscious loving

Information follow. Course language is German. This will be a closed group.



23. 11. – 30. 11. 2019

“Movement from Heart to Heart – Journey of committed Relationship”Aase-Merethe+Oystein_frei
with Aase-Merethe Hegg & Øystein Simmenes

“From stuck and repeating patterns to experience love and intimacy.”

Journey of committed Relationship will take you through four phases of relationship and give you opportunity to identify what feels stuck in your relationship and make movements beyond the current limits of intimacy. This workshop will give you an opportunity to experience the movement from conflict to transformation, understand how relationship can be a guide to personal development, and find a deeper meaning and a new vision for your relationship.  In this workshop you and your partner will work in a safe environment with other committed couples. You will learn to use movement to music, communication exercises and sharing in order to find new ways of connecting.
This retreat is a chance to have time in this peaceful and supportive environment with your partner and others, who are interested in deepening their capacity for intimate relationships.
Course language is English, Norwegian translation is an option.

Aase-Merethe Hegg & Øystein Simmenes
Contact: or


30. 11. – 07. 12. 2019

Organizer Free Spirit Yoga

Teacher will be announced soon.
Course language is English.