Three months later…

… we are still living behind this pile of stones, cut off from the rest of the world.
Our only access road is closed even further: Since middle of January there is a construction site at the harbor beach. They are building a stone wall with a fence which is supposed to protect the beach from stone falls. Fact is, the barriers and construction fences prohibit to walk the road to the Finca.

Our transports and shopping we organize still with small boats, which we have to pull through the waves onto our stone beach. This got more and more adventerous and dangerous.


If we would not have our young generation staying with us, we would be so lost. What is different meanwhile: the winter arrived. And this means not so much low temperatures on la Gomera, but a stormy sea. In the last weeks the waves have been often so high and powerful that we could not leave the Finca or bring our shopping in.

This will last for a while. We are hoping for the spring to come and the waves to calm down.

Three months later... dream catcher webready Finca Argayall (La Gomera)Another silver lining: We finally are in touch with the authorities. Beginning of February we were invited to a first meeting with the mayors and the president of the island, where ideas for solutions were discussed.

Two short-term solutions were offered: The installation of a floating platform with a mobile landing stage or renting a special boat (including crew) that just needs the construction of a ramp to land on our beach. Both solutions are rather costly and it is still unclear who will finance them. The long-term solution, which island president Curbelo is in favor of, is the construction of a tunnel, 700 meter long through the mountain. This for sure will take  time!

Meanwhile we keep fighting with the winter ocean and the extremly high waves. Almost impossible at times. What we would need is help that arrives now. We asked for a combination of both short-term solutions. First the boat which is available in Teneriffe and could be here and operating soon. And then the construction of that floating pier, “embarcadero” how they call it here. This would help us during summer.
We are waiting for the next meeting, that was supposed to happen soon.

But we stay positive and trust and dare to dream: About the time when we will be again sharing our beautiful oasis of light and its healing energies with our guests. Arriving with a boat and choosing to stay for a time of rest and retreat, away from the noise and business of the world, this will then be another thing which makes the Finca a special place.