Teacher in residence

Growth and healing is our vision here on Argayall. Personal and spiritual growth and healing which is enhanced by the power of the nature around us and fueled by the process of living together in a community and together with our guests. What supports us are all the tools of meditation, yoga, movement, touch we offer and share. But while our guests have the chance to dive fully into whatever program they choose, the crew of Argayall is working to provide, create and hold the space. The chances for us to learn as well as process together as a group are therefore little.

That’s why we created the “Teacher in residence program”.  We want to invite teachers from all kind of disciplines and backgrounds who may need some time off or wish to work on a private project, to live with us, experience the special beauty and quality of life on Argayall and share in exchange 12 hours per week of their knowledge, skills and wisdom with the community.  From 10 days to 2 months the teacher(s) will stay in a private ensuite garden house with Internet connection that we just renovated for this purpose.

We started with two teachers who brought their knowledge to support our permaculture project that entered a new phase. Then we worked with several teachers in group as well as in individual sessions on our issues. We like the new input and are still looking for teachers who can support our group process, our communication and meeting culture as well as our organizational development. Experienced therapists who can also offer one to one personal work will be our favorite candidates. If you have been visiting Argayall already, know the crazy crowd and still feel the call, just write us to: tir@argayall.com