landslide locks Finca down

On Saturday, November 14th, in a dramatic landslide the cliff face above the road to our finca collapsed completely blocking the road.

The video that document the horrible moment traveled around the world wide web already. We are very grateful and in awe about the magic of timing as no one got injured and we could report to all who have asked: No one got hurt.

Meanwhile, after the cloud of dust is gone, the rescue helicopters and expert drones as well, we face the situation: We are locked down by nature.

We are and will be for quite a while cut off from any access by foot or car.
And the only way to bring people or supplies will be over the ocean.

landslide locks Finca down prohibido el paso Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

Our own solution for now: ocean shuttle

Entering one boat at the shore, changing over to the zodiac further out and getting shuttled with the sailor to the harbor of Vueltas  is the only way now to get out or in from the Finca.
This is getting easier the more we get used to it. It looks romantic in good weather conditions. But the winter ocean makes it more adventurous and dangerous. For sure this can only be the first solution.

What we need  is a better solution for the months to come and a professional one for the future. The officials have made already several promises to support. All that has happened so far: They shipped in and put up a sign. The road is closed.

How you can help

Every evening at sunset we are gathering now for a silent prayer meditation. Looking out and looking in. All that has been created here at our paradise is still as beautiful as ever.

The place of light is and will be a place of coming together, of inspiration and of healing.landslide locks Finca down sunset prayer Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

We are convinced that especially after the Corona Crisis, places like ours will be more needed than ever. We just have to make it through this time and keep our project alive.

Many of you have kindly asked how they can help.

Well it’s very simple as what we really need at this moment are donations of money as we are already running on reserve after the pandemic and we do not know how long it will take to find a solution to this new problem. The reopening of the road or building of a small harbor will need some time but owning a boat would make our immediate problems a little easier.

To donate to our Association, please click here.

For bigger amounts preferably use a bank transfer, please contact us. 

A group of Finca friends are plannning to create a crowdfunding site as soon as there is a clear project to support. Right now we don’t know:
Will it be a boat or a helicopter or the building of a pier…we will  keep you informed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have or are going to donate, and we look forward to seeing you again here on Argayall in the not so distant future.