Corona News

Corona News kissthebuddha1800x1200 Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

Dear guests and friends,

Since March 25th the Finca is closed and we spend the lockdown in community. We keep on working, just a few hours less per week. We are renovating and beautifying the place everywhere. We put our hands into the earth. We eat what grows in our garden. And we also grow more and more together as Finca Family. Our youngest one, Samay, shows us the way. She kisses the Buddha and lives the moment. We stay with trust and in connection.
Some pictures from these special times are now online in our gallery. Have a look and connect with us!

The signs are clear now: From June 21 rst Spain opens up for tourists to come and lifts the quarantine after entering the state. That means we are ready to recieve and host guests again. You are most welcome to inquire. The grand opening will be on the 11th of July with a 5 rhythms group.